February, 2019   —   Volume 16, Issue No. 2
(At the annual session retreat, we read Micah 6:1-8 and discussed particularly what it means to “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.” We will continue )

January, 2019   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 2
(A new year has begun, and as with many new year’s, it comes with changes. After 21 years of faithful service to this congregation ...)

December, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 12
(Advent begins on December 2. I know "Christmas" is all around us. Stores began putting out Christmas items... )

November, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 11
(Thank you all so very much for the wonderful pastor appreciation gift. I look forward to spending my gift card...)

October, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 10
(Bethel’s portion of the Peacemaking and Global Witness Offering will go to support hurricane, typhoon, and tsunami relief efforts through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. )

September, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 9
(As we begin to approach the stewardship season in October and November, I invite you to begin to think about the gifts, ideas and skills you have to share in service to God in the world. )

August, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 8
(After a brief sabbatical of sorts following our Birthday Celebrations, church programs are resuming full force this week. )

July, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 7
(What a wonderful celebration we had in June )

June, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 6
(The month is finally upon us - our birthday month! )

May, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 5
(We are just a little over a month away from our 200th birthday )

April, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 4
( Happy Easter! We journeyed through Lent as we studied the ...)

March, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 3
(Beginning Wed, Mar 7 children aged kindergarten through 5th grade will meet with Becky Price for a ...)

February, 2018   —   Volume 15, Issue No. 2
(Ann Weems is one of my favorite poets. Before she died she published several books of poetry around the church year. Her books ...)

December, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 12
(Did you realize that our New Year as Christians begins...)

November, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 11
(November is here and what a full month it will be! Beginning with ...)

October, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 10
(The last month has seen three major hurricanes come through the Caribbean and USA as well as a...)

September, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 9
(As I write these words, preprations are being made for ...)

August, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 8
(If this summer is any indication of what we can expect from... )

July, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 7
(As I continue working on my Doctor of Ministry, I am focusing...)

June, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 6
(I am so excited to begin our year-long celebration of Bethel Presbyterian Church. On June 4 ...)

May, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 5
( May is a full month with celebrations, end of year activities and plans for summer vacation. The weather is warmer and ...)

April, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 4
(We are halfway through Lent. In worship we have journeyed ...)

March, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 3
(Lent is upon us. The following description of the season has been excerpted from ...)

February, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 2
( I am just back from two weeks at Columbia Theological Seminary where I took a class on the Gospel of Matthew...)

January, 2017   —   Volume 14, Issue No. 1
(Dear Friends, The newsletter staff is taking a break during the month of )

December, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 12
(Advent just may be my favorite time of year. I love the ...)

November, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 11
(As I write, we are two weeks away from Election Day. What ...)

October, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 10
(October is a month full of opportunities to learn more about what the church is doing in the world. The ...)

September, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 9
(Dear Friends, It doesn’t feel like it yet, but the seasons will soon change. We will exchange the ...)

August, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 8
( This summer has been filled with travel for many of us, lots of time outside and... )

July, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 7
(Half the year is behind us – and what a half it has been. Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and now Ordinary Time have filled ...)

June, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 6
(We have entered Ordinary Time in the cycle of our church year. The color for Ordinary Time is green – the color of life and ...)

May, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 5
(Thank you for your generous gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering we...)

April, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 4
(It is the season of Easter. That's right, ...)

March, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 3
(We are now halfway through the season of Lent...)

February, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 2
(The first week of February brings Lent this year. We kick off the Season with ...)

January, 2016   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 1
(Arise and let your light shine – Epiphany is here! In these dark days of January, we can ...)

December, 2015   —   Volume 12, Issue No. 12
(This Advent I have invited you to share...)

November, 2015   —   Volume 12, Issue No. 11
(November is a time of Thanksgiving. As the Fall colors give way to Winter landscapes, we are reminded of ...)

October, 2015   —   Volume 12, Issue No. 10
(I love this time of year – the air is cooler, the landscape brightens with colors of red, yellow and orange, and our building is filled with ..)

September, 2015   —   Volume 12, Issue No. 9
(As many of you know, Will Purushotham, our Director of Christian Formation for nearly two years ...)

August, 2015   —   Volume 8, Issue No. 12
(Thank you for your support and prayers for the 10 of us who went to Guatemala in June. I think I can speak for all of us when I say it was a transformative experience. )

June, 2015   —   Volume 12, Issue No. 6
(Summer is upon us. School is out, vacations are planned and ,,,)

May, 2015   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 5
(The Presbyterian Church USA has a rich history of missionary activity around the world...)

April, 2015   —   Volume 13, Issue No. 4
(The Easter Season is upon us which means it is also time to receive ...)

March, 2015   —   Volume 12, Issue No. 3
(What a couple of weeks it has been in East Tennessee! We are into the second week of Lent ...)